Targets of Bureaucratic Reforms

a. General target of Bureaucratic Reforms in NADFC
Changing the mindset, work culture and management systems of NADFC in serving the public

b. Specific target of Bureaucratic Reforms in NADFC
  1. Institutional: Organization with appropriate and proper function and size (right sizing).

  2. Organizational Culture: Bureaucratic with high integrity and performance.

  3. Management: Systems, processes and procedures that are clear, effective, efficient, measurable and in accordance with the principles of good governance

  4. Regulations, Bureaucratic deregulation: a more orderly and conducive regulation, not overlapping

  5. Public service: Public service that stresses on the 14 aspects of service and able to provide high satisfaction and public confidence in NADFC.

  6. Monitoring and Accountability: The whole process of Drug and Food Control and other supporting aspects from planning, budgeting, implementation, financial administration and reporting are accountable and free from corruption elements.