Quick Wins Year 2015

Year 2015

The Chairman of NADFC, The Coordinating Minister of Human and Culture Building, together with The Minister of Health as the manifestation of Inter–Ministry/Institution Corporation to support Bureaucratic Reforms of NADFC toward the Performance Innovation program of NADFC on February 2015, have released:

1. The application of Indonesian National Drugs Information (IONI) – mobile version.
The application of “mobile version of IONI” is the Informatory of Indonesian National Drugs which contains the compilation of Approved Label of drug products which have the circulation permit codes from NADFC. It is developed in mobile version.

2. The application of “Let’s Check the Nutrition of Snacks for School Children (PJAS) – the Desktop and Android versions.”
The application of “Let’s Check the Nutrition of Snacks for School Children (PJAS) – the Desktop and Android versions” is expected to facilitate the community in getting relevant information about the nutrient contents of Snacks for School Children.

3. The application of Advertisement Approval Application System (e–SIAPIK).
The application of “Advertisement Approval Application System (e–SIAPIK)” is the development of drug advertisement control measure prior to its circulatioon. With the implementation of this application, it is expected to expedite information dissemination concerning the approval process of drug advertisement request being applied as it is accessible online.

4. Traditional Drugs Export Guideline.
Traditional Drugs Export Guideline contains comprehensive information concerning the export condition guideline of Indonesian traditional drugs to businessmen oriented to Indonesian traditional drugs export, particularly to the novice exporters,

5. Appropriate Food Retail in Traditional Market Guidline.
Appropriate Food Retail in Traditional Market Guidline is a reference and implementation guideline to businessmen in order to provide security guarantee toward the food products they sell.

6. ISO 27001 Certificate: 2013, to Support Public and Internal Services.
Certification of Management System of Data and Information Security ISO 27001: 2013, is given to support the Public and Internal Services of Drugs and Foods Control. It is one of the endeavors to realize a Good Corporate Governance.

7. Certificate of Professional Certification Institution (LSP).
The issuance of LSP Certificate of Food Security is to ensure the Food Security, to ascertain and maintain the competency of PKP workers and food inspectors.