Quick Wins of National Agency of Drugs and Food Control (Badan POM)

Quick Wins is a simple and quick initiave to commence a big and difficult program. This program is meant to build community trust and to realize a good and clean corporate governance. NADFC is a Non-Ministerial Government Institutions (LPNK) which is responsible for the Drug and Food control and plays an active role to protect the community agaist the circulation of non–standard–complying Drug and Foods.

On the other hand, as an institution assuming the function of public services, NADFC is always committed to provide agile, efficient, proffesional, certain, accountable, responsive and transparent services.

In order to realize the control function and the good public services, NADFC  has performed various activity programs which are made into Quick Wins as evidences of commitment implementation of Bureaucratic Reforms of NADFC since 2011 which is consistently implemented until the present time of year 2015.