Public service


As one of the main pillars, NADFC seeks to continue to make improvements in public services. Efforts that have done for a long time is the one-stop service system, while the improvement effort is directed toward single sign-on, online registration services and service acceleration. The effort is supported by a change of mindset, behavior and internalization of a work culture i.e. organization assessment to change, including running a learning organization and identifying aspects of organizational capacity building.

NADFC as providers of public services need to improve continuously to respond to internal and external opportunities and challenges. Based on public sector integrity survey in 2009 by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), NADFC’s services are among those 15 services with highest integrity score. The minimum standard of integrity in this survey on a scale of 0 to 10.00 is 6.00. The survey results of public sector integrity in 2010 by KPK for the registration service of food and beverage belong to the top 10 with integrity value of 7.48 while the permits on export/import of food and medicine earn integrity value of 7.13.