Monitoring and Accountability


In its efforts to eradicate, NADFC is committed to supporting all policies either by improving transparency and accountability as well as strengthening the internal control system to identify and strengthen the supervision of the points vulnerable to corruption and the implementation of e-Procurement.

In addition to its main tasks, NADFC is also obliged to implement good governance in the management of public administration, and implementation of performance accountability of government agencies as a form of responsibility for the demands and aspirations of the people. Therefore, efficient and responsible use of resources as well as the development and implementation of appropriate and transparent accountability systems need to be implemented consistently.

In accordance with Act No. 25 of 2004 on National Development Planning System in which every government agency is obliged to conform to the regulation, NADFC has prepared a Ministerial/institutional Strategic Plan which includes the vision, mission, objectives and indicators and phases of activities to achieve them.

The principle of accountability laid down in Article 3 of Law No. 28 of 1999 on State Implementation of Clean and Free from corruption (KKN) determines that each of the activities and the final results of the activities of state administration must be accountable to the public. Within this context, the government has issued Presidential Decree No. 8 of 2006 on Financial Reporting and Performance of Government Agencies. The Presidential Regulation requires each government agency as a component of the state to take responsibility for the tasks and functions, resource management and policies based on strategic planning set.

Related to that, NADFC periodically communicate the achievement of strategic goals and objectives to stakeholders through Government Performance Accoutability Report (LAKIP). Under the Government Performance Accoutability System (SAKIP), the preparation of LAKIP is done through strategic planning, performance planning and performance measurement. LAKIP of NADFC obtained value of CC in 2010.