Human Resources


HR is one of the strongest assets of NADFC; therefore, the management of human resource is crucial.


Head Office

Branches (Provincial Office of NADFC)

Echelon 1

5 people

0 people

Echelon 2

22 people

19 people

Echelon 3

72 people

98 people

Echelon 4

159 people

167 people

Non structural

850 people

2219 people


1100 people

2503 people


3611 employees


HR structuring begins with recruitment that is done on-line. Increased competence is done through competency-based training and education; employee assessment is limited to the structural officials. Enforcement of discipline has been disseminated, and Regulation 53 of 2010 on Employee Discipline has been applied. A total of 285 employees have been subject to disciplinary sanctions with mild, moderate or severe penalties. Moreover, it has implemented a fingerprint system in addition to reward and punishment. The dissemination of employment has been made to all employees in NADFC head and branch offices as well as through a 1-14 handbooks.

Analysis and evaluation of offices were started in 2009, in line with the development of the duties and functions of NADFC, in 2011 the finalization of job analysis and evaluation was carried out. Currently it is in the process of proposing a validation by the Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry and Bureaucratic Reforms as well as National Civil Service Agency (BKN).