Human Resources (HR)


The goal of the restructuring of Apparatus Management System of NADFC is to make all NADFC employees own the required general competence to suit Indonesian NADFC vision, which is to become an institution that is credible, innovative and recognized internationally to ensure the medicine and food safety.

The Restructuring of the Apparatus Management System of NADFC aims to realize the goal of making NADFC employee acquire the required competence so that they can work with the vision, mission and work culture of NADFC. The targets to achieve are:

  1. Increased management of NADFC apparatus;
  2. Increased transparency and accountability in the management of human resources;
  3. Increased discipline of NADFC human resources;
  4. Increased effectiveness of the  management of NADFC Human Resources;
  5. Increased professionalism of NADFC Human Resources;
Establishment of an accurate web-based database of NADFC Human Resources.