The Effort of Improving Imported Cosmetic Services in Indonesia

In order to improve the public services, NADFC introduce control on imported products before they are distributed throughout Indonesian regions by issuing an online Certificate of Import (SKI). Through the online system, the proposal of SKI can be done by the importers easily, wherever and whenever they are. NADFC keep making service innovations concerning the imported products. One of the services is to give service priority. Service priority is special service of Certificate of Import (SKI) given to importers where the evaluation of SKI request is done automatically by the system so that the issuing of SKI takes less than one day. The importers that are eligible for service priority are the importers that have been in the business for the past 6 months with particular frequencies and volumes, and the importers that have good track record based on the risk assessment and the assessment result of NADFC. It is hoped all the innovations are able to help reduce the dwelling time (the time a vehicle spends at a schedule stop without moving) in Indonesia.
In order to guarantee public protection, NADFC has set requirements that every imported raw material for Medicine and Food distributed throughout Indonesian regions should comply with the safety, benefit and quality requirements in accordance with the Regulation of the Head of NADFC No.17 Year of 2014 on Guidance on Microbial and Heavy Metal Impurities in Cosmetics. The Regulation is firmly restated in a Circular Letter of Deputy II concerning the microbial and heavy metal impurity test put in an analysis certificate.
Based on the evaluation of imported request of cosmetics, there are still importers that do not comply with the requirements asked. For this particular case, Directorate of Inspection and Certification of Traditional Medicine, Cosmetics and Complementary Products offer the importers facility to analyze their products at accredited laboratory in Indonesia using sampling mechanism carried out by NADFC officers.
In the future, it is hoped that the importers can understand the import requirement so that the facilities given by NADFC in the process of importing products can be optimized.
The Directorate of Inspection and Certification of Traditional Medicine, Cosmetics and Complementary Products